#49: Fleetwood Mac – “Rumours” (1977)

This is just going to be a short one, for two reasons: firstly, I have just finished NaNoWriMo, and therefore my ability to write in coherent sentences is a little more compromised than usual. And secondly, because I have done a foolish thing. The foolish thing is this: two weeks ago, I thought to myself, “You know who I haven’t listened to much of? Fleetwood Mac.”

I should have known this was a foolish thing to think, because I am an adult woman who has been in a car with another person for more than twenty minutes at a time, and therefore – it turns out – of course I’ve listened to Fleetwood Mac. There is not a single track on this entire album that I’ve not heard before, about 8000 times, and I think about two in total that I’ve never heard covered by someone else (because nobody in the Year of Our Lord 2017 is playing covers of "Oh Daddy").

There’s got to be a word for the phenomenon of all those songs you know, and know 90% of the lyrics to, but couldn’t name, or ever find of your own accord, or remember who the singer is. I can’t remember who I thought wrote “Don’t Stop”, but this isn’t who I’d have guessed, and now I’m faintly embarrassed.

So here you go: in a way, this isn’t really in keeping with the spirit of 52A/52W, which is to say, it’s not exactly new music to me. It is filling in gaps though, of a kind, so there you go. In honour of my failing, here are some covers of tracks from Rumours by unlikely people. Gratifyingly, in pretty much every case, I think the original was better. It’s like Fleetwood Mac are the anti-Coldplay.

Presumably the moral of this story is, I should have gone for Tusk.