Once upon a time...

...in deepest darkest 2001, two girls made a pact to sit next to each other on the bus on the first day of secondary school. Fifteen years later, and we still have a knack for meeting up for dinner and each coming away with a reading list of interesting snippets. 

Mookbarks is that list: once a fortnight, on a Tuesday lunchtime, an email of the best of the interesting tangents we would have set aside to send each other anyway. Expect a high concentration of bad puns, shaggy dog stories, five-year-late podcast recommendations and questionable limericks.

The name "Mookbarks" is either a mildly clever play on "bookmarks", or the yelling of a shortlived secondary character. Whichever version you favour, we're enjoying ourselves over here, so come and join the party.





EMILY   @BenitaEmily

Portrait courtesy of  Fiona Purves

Portrait courtesy of Fiona Purves

Emily lives in Glasgow with her black-and-white cat, full name Malcolm Tucker. This probably tells you everything that you need to know about her but have some bonus details, why not? When she's not helping people get their films made, she writes and performs a variety of word goods. Her interests include art, gaming, and the gamifying of art, as well as whatever Fiona has recommended to her.





FIONA   @stitchthisfiona

Portrait courtesy of  Fiona Purves

Portrait courtesy of Fiona Purves

Fiona lives in Edinburgh. She teaches English, writes stories, reads a lot of history and has been known to do maths for fun. She can listen to an audiobook for four hours straight, but is chronically incapable of watching more than two episodes of a TV show in one go.